Corrina’s Crucial Christmas Tips!

Ho ho ho and a very merry CHOAS! Who doesn’t love the festive season? It’s a time to come together and share, celebrate and relax… However, so many parents are too busy trying to manage the needs of individuals within their families that they don’t get a chance to enjoy the festivities. Fortunately, we can […]

Healing Traumas and Reducing Anxiety with the Polyvagal Theory

Trauma, Sensory Differences and The Polyvagal Theory… If you ever see any of our Sunshine Support workers together then they probably are talking about one of those things if not all of them. The Polyvagal Theory is something we LOVE to talk about, we are HUGE endorsers of it in all of its complexities. There’s […]

Being a ‘Neurodiverse’ Family at Christmas!

‘Tis the season for meltdowns, burnout and desperately seeking excuses to escape social obligations… Sound familiar? Ah yes, it must be time go gather the family together for the holidays! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually hate Christmas. It’s beautiful, the lights and the trees, the open fires and cold weather, the food and […]

Life After EHCP

We are always on a mission to ensure children and young people with SEND are receiving the support they need to progress and succeed throughout their education. Having the right provision detailed and put into place can be paramount in creating a strong EHCP (Education Health & Care Plan) and ensuring their success. But what […]

The story of Cathie Long

Between the rather unusual taste in bright coloured outfits and rather boisterous presence, the high demand regarding Cathie Long, independent social worker, could appear contrived. However, she is somewhat a subtle Casanova in her own field of work. The 57-year-old business owner has achieved in a plethora of industries and has more strings to her […]


As parents with SEND children, sometimes there is nothing we need more than to be and to feel empowered. The things we must go through to get our children’s needs met can sometimes feel like pushing a hundred boulders uphill whilst also trying to make sure the kids are bathed and ready for bed! It […]

Finding Empowerment in ADHD

For many of us as adults, being diagnosed with ADHD or being told we need to go for an assessment, can quite often leave us feeling offended. But, why? Surely discovering a new part of our identities is empowering, no? The truth is the stereotype for ADHD we are all so used to is the […]

School Uniform VS Sensory Processing

I can still recall having to learn how to tie a tie (not a clip on one, an actually tie you had to physically tie) from the age of about 6 years old. Thinking about that now, 15 years later, it really is BIZARE. Why on earth did a primary school require children to dress […]

Selective mutism is not elective, and this is why

We all know that sometimes professionals get it wrong – they are only human. There are a few obvious problems with this but the one l intend to focus on is the spread of misinformation that is often caused. When it comes to selective mutism it seems false information has spread like a virus. Everyone […]

Is Rejection the Root of all TRAUMA?

Rejection, the fear of rejection, and the pain of rejection can be found in absolutely anything from the end of a relationship to the anxiety of public speaking to awaiting the outcome of a job interview. It is so human, and we can’t escape it. There are countless pieces of art, musical compositions, examples of […]