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We are each proud to have that all-important lived experience that compliments our professional qualifications and experience.

But, what do Parents and Professionals think?

A recent comment from a mainstream teacher…

“I attended a webinar that you held, and it was a light bulb moment for me. I had intended for it to help one of my students, but in reality it helped all 30. I spoke to my head, and now we have Sunshine Support training us in all areas of SEND and our school is calmer and more productive as a result. We have also increased our SEND funding as a result of the consultancy provided. Thank you Sunshine!”

A recent comment from a parent of a neurodiverse family…

“My family was in crisis. I had been going around in circles for years, on broken promises from my local authority. I attended a webinar, and was intrigued by the support on offer. I had a discussion with an advocate, then decided to engage her. WOW. Fast forward a few months, my child is in a specialist provision getting her needs met. My family is more content as a result. You’ve saved my family, I can’t thank you enough.”